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Culture Matters, the Peace Corps' first extensive cross-cultural workbook for Volunteers, represents a major effort forward in cross-cultural training. As community involvement is always important, there were many people who have contributed to this work.

Photo of teacher and student in Nicaragua.

The Peace Corps acknowledges the following people in the intercultural field who kindly responded to our request for activities: Robert Kohls, Geert Hofstede, Ned Seelye, LaRay Barna, Michael Paige, Margaret Pusch, Diane Hofner Saphiere, Ann Wederspahn, Neal Goodman, Noel Kreicker, and Pierre Corbeil, and to Intercultural Press for their permission to include published material.

The Peace Corps would like to thank the following people who contributed, enhanced, and reviewed the workbook: Raquel Aronhime, Judee Blohm, Brenda Bowman, Joe Byrnes, John Coyne, Doug Gilzow, Diego Hay, Lani Havens, Duane Karlen, Lee Lacy, Mary Jo Larsen, Anne Latimer, Bill Perry, Kathy Rulon, Jim Russell, and Patrick Triano; Judy Benjamin for editorial assistance and efforts; Steve Jacobs for design and layout; Craig Storti, for research and writing in collaboration with Laurette Bennhold-Samaan, Cross-Cultural Specialist.

This workbook is dedicated to Peace Corps trainees and Volunteers. We hope as you read this you will hear your own voices, and read and write your own cross-cultural stories.

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