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Using Culture Matters

Culture Matters is a primary resource document based on concepts and skills that prepare Peace Corps Volunteers to serve effectively and respectfully in other cultures. It is also a flexible classroom resource. You can use it in its entirety as a stand-alone curriculum, or you can use selected chapters and activities to meet your instructional needs. Finally, you can use relevant sections of Culture Matters to help students meet curriculum standards in social studies and language arts.

Culture Matters can help you:

Photo of small boy in Nicaragua.

  • Provide students with a wide range of cross-cultural understandings and skills.
  • Build a framework to analyze cultures around the world and at home.
  • Develop community and cross-cultural understanding within your school.
  • Teach to standards developed by the National Council for Social Studies and other national organizations.
  • Promote students' understanding of themselves, others, and the world.
  • Broaden students' perspectives and increase their ability to see the world from another culture's point of view.
  • Appreciate how, despite our cultural differences, we are all united in a common bond of humanity.

While building cross-cultural understanding, the activities in Culture Matters can support your school or district's approach to performance-based instruction and assessment. Many of the activities lend themselves to the creation of performance tasks that can be used to strengthen cross-cultural understanding in your own school.

The conceptual summaries, practical exercises, high-interest learning activities, and opportunities for reflection and writing in Culture Matters will not only increase your students' cross-cultural understanding and skills, but will also help them see that the ability to live and work respectfully in a culturally diverse environment is a 21st century survival skill.

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