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Teaching About Culture

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Culture matters. It influences the way we see ourselves, others, and the world. In an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, the ability to live and work effectively and respectfully with others is a 21st century survival skill. The CWWS resources listed below will promote understanding of culture (one's own, and that of others), broaden perspectives, and help students appreciate how they are connected with the larger world.

1. Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding. The dozen lessons in this 48-page softbound guide help students understand the concept of culture and lead them to a more tolerant view of cultures different from their own. It also instills an awareness of the value of community service. Published in partnership with the National Geographic Society Education Foundation, this resource is also available free on the Peace Corps website.

2. Culture Matters is a primary resource recommended for high school and college use. It is a cross-cultural training workbook designed to prepare new Peace Corps Volunteers to live and work effectively and respectfully in their host country. You can use Culture Matters to teach your students

  • transferable concepts ("enduring understandings") about culture
  • a practical framework for understanding and analyzing cultures
  • a useful set of 21st century cross-cultural skills
For more information, visit Using Culture Matters.

3. A Trainer's Guide to Culture Matters contains 40 selected exercises from Culture Matters and detailed notes and lesson plans (with answer keys) for each exercise. You can access and download this guide on our website.

4. Looking at Ourselves and Others helps students become more aware of their own cultural values. It is a practical workbook with age-appropriate lesson plans and activities that will help students:

  • define culture
  • develop global perspectives
  • challenge assumptions about other cultures
The materials in Looking at Ourselves and Others also provide students with analytical tools that help combat stereotypical thinking and enhance cross-cultural awareness and communication.





Teaching About Culture

Culture Matters Workbook

Culture Matters Trainers Guide

Looking at Ourselves and Others


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