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Chapter Two: Table of Contents

American Culture and American Diversity: How is your own culture similar to and different from the local or target culture?

Dear Todd: Catch up with Jan in a letter written to her friend Todd.

The Things We Say: What expressions do people use in everyday conversations?

The Things We Say Part Two: What do host country expressions reveal about host country values and beliefs?

Photo of farmer in Burkina Fasa
Thirteen Cultural Categories: Compare the typical American position on thirteen aspects of culture with that of your host country.

Thinking About My Job: Learn to recognize cultural differences involved in doing your job.

Sources of American Culture: Reexamine some of the American values you have identified thus far.

How Non-Americans See Americans: How are Americans perceived by people from other cultures?

How Non-Americans See Americans Part Two: Which qualities from Part One would a Host Country National associate with Americans?

Learning About America: What have you come to understand about American culture?

Now What?: What special issues have Peace Corps Volunteers faced?

On Being Different: When have you had to adjust your behavior to fit in with host country nationals?

Parting Advice: What have you learned about American culture in this chapter?

Interview With a PCV: Read a first-hand account of cultural assimilation.

Dear Todd- An Analysis: Read Jan's letter again, keeping in mind the new things you have learned about culture.





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