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Chapter Three: Table of Contents

Styles of Communication: How is communication an integral part of culture?

Dear Gavin: Read Jan's letter to her friend Gavin.

Styles of Communication: Indirect and Direct: Identify differences in communication styles between cultures.

Clash of Styles: Write about a time when your communication style clashed with the style of someone from a different culture.

Culture and Communication: What is the difference between direct and indirect communication styles?

Nonverbal Communication: What are the different types of communication?

Man teaching class in Cambodia
Conversation Style: What are the nonverbal aspects of communication?

Dialogues: Read a series of different situations through conversations between Peace Corps Volunteers and Host Country Nationals.

Nonverbal Communication: Facial Expressions: Observe and record instances of nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal Communication: Personal Space: How do people of different cultures view personal space?

Nonverbal Communication: Touching: How do people interact with each other physically?

Practicing Indirectness: Practice the skill of indirect communication.

Decoding Indirectness: How can you decode various indirect statements?

Neighbors: Read a story recounted by a Peace Corps Volunteer about communicating.

Harmony and Saving Face: How important is it to "save face"?

Dear Gavin- An Analysis: Read Jan's letter to Gavin again, keeping in mind the new things you just learned about culture.





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