Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools - Culture Matters

Chapter Five: Table of Contents

Social Relationships: What are the three most important relationships Peace Corps Volunteers will have during their tour of duty?

Dear Jan: Gavin responds to Jan's letter.

Photo of man cleaning a fishing net in the Dominican Republic.
Circle of Relationships: What interpersonal relationships will you form?

Circle of Relationships Part Two: Repeat the exercise from the point of view of a Host Country National.

Rules of the House: What are the basics of living with a host family?

Limits of Friendship: What are the responsibilities and obligations of friendship?

What Would You Do?: What you have learned about friendship?

Family Life: Reflect on interactions between members of your host family.

Romantic Relationships: Reflect on the interpersonal relationships you will form.

Men and Women: How do you respond to potentially difficult situations?

Dear Jan- An Analysis: Read Gavin's letter to Jan again, keeping in mind what you just learned about culture.

My Mother Wants to See You: Read the experience of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunisia.

Journal Entry: Write your own journal entry about what you have learned.





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